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Our Services

At Bituin Tax and Accounting Services, our service quality, understanding of the complex accounting and taxation regulations and our commitment to exceeding client expectations are sure to make us your business’ most valued ally. A small business, Bituin is owned and managed by a highly qualified accounting/ tax professional, who maintains complete control over every aspect of the business, thus maintaining the highest standards consistently

Talk to us when you have needs in any of the following service or product areas we cover:

Keep your books in order and you can ensure that every dollar is being utilized to the maximum in your business. We utilize top notch accounting software to make book keeping quick and effortless for you.


Leave all your tax related anxieties to us and we will ensure your dues are paid on time. We will also give you tax savings advice in time so that you only pay the legally minimum possible taxes, enjoying savings year after year.


Take charge of your business from the macro level, track how each segment is performing and improve efficiencies with our accurate internal management reports.


Starting a business can be a complex affair especially with the many formalities required right at registration time. We take care of these complexities so that you can focus all your energies on getting your new business up and running.


We understand the regulations and compliance guidelines that may be too complex for you to follow. Entrust your audit/ assessment to us and we will keep your business accounts in order at all times.


One simple mistake in payroll can be costly, because penalties and interest accumulates and increases over time. It is highly advisable that payroll processes must be done by a professional in this field.


Our firm is an accounting service provider of Telpay, Canada's largest independent electronic payment company, we are also adept on Customer Automated Fund Transfer (CAFT) system. Let us help you streamline your receivables and payables processes using the latest electronic fund transfer technology.

Quality advice is what we care about, not the number of clients we service. That’s why we never compromise on the depth of analysis we undertake for your business, the time spent on each client’s accounts or the care we invest in each assignment. Sign up with us today for and open the doors to premium accounting and tax services and consultancy.

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